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Nowadays, more and more leaders have to rethink their roles and responsibilities within the organization and their teams in order to meet the new requirements of an agile environment. However, leaving the previous – even successfully used – leadership routines and acquiring new skills and a different mindset may be as challenging as a Mars Mission.

What they have in common is that both projects need a solid purpose (a “big why”), clarity around the expected and supported behaviors, the right skillset and a strong determination of the leaders and the teams.

Observing kids and adults, we realized that people accept new approaches and learn faster and easier while playing. Therefore, our training is centered on an EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING simulation – A Mission to Mars.

During the program, participants experience and practice critical leadership competences needed to successfully manage agile teams, based on DEVELOR’S AGILE LEADERSHIP MODEL.

Throughout their Mission, several highly engaging and innovative DIGITAL and TECHNICAL TASKS help the participants understand their role and the ways of working with their team in an agile environment.

By the end of the program, participants will

  • understand what agile (adaptive) leadership means
  • experience how to build and manage self-organized teams
  • learn how to boost the team spirit and motivation when facing challenges and difficulties

Potential follow-up courses