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Nowadays, agile methodology and agile project management are gaining increasing popularity in many areas of business. The method, which is originated in software development is used by more and more companies outside the IT area as well. However, despite its many advantages, agile operation cannot be used in all cases or at any company. Many companies choose to maintain their traditional operating model while taking advantage of the agile methodology only in certain projects. Our program is designed for such cases.

The training is built on an AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT BUSINESS SIMULATION, which is inspired by the construction of the New Administrative City in Cairo, Egypt. During the training participants will plan, implement and evaluate a visionary project for “New Cairo”.

By using gamified and adventurous form of training, participants learn better and faster. Throughout the training participants work in teams and compete for investor funding. Just like in reality, our conditions are changing rapidly, and the classic way of project management is doomed to failure. The only way to succeed is an agile approach.

Success criteria lies not only in effective execution, but also in capacity planning, quick adaptation to changing circumstances, active listening, gaining trust and continuous delivery of value.

By the help of the simulation, participants learn, experience and intensively practice the essence of agile project management, and gain in-depth understanding on agile principles, roles, routines and the agile tools.

By the end of the program, participants will

  • understand the agile aspects of project management,
  • gain experience and in-depth understanding on different agile routines and tools, and
  • apply them in practice.

Potential follow-up courses

  • Agile Leadership
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Effective Team Management
  • Visualization & visual management
  • Meeting management/Facilitation skills
  • Digital Mindset