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CAPTain Online is a continuously improved test system, which – by meeting the highest professional standards – efficiently supports the work of corporate HR professionals, adds value to the efforts of training consultants and helps employees in better understanding and developing their competencies.

CAPTAIN ONLINE measures the individual’s behavioural attitudes and interests as they affect his performance at work along 38 parameters. Moreover, the test takes into consideration the appropriate circumstances and different needs of the given positions. As a criterea-oriented test system, the test compares the results of the individuals to a pre-defined criteria system, the so-called Optimal Job Profile and indicates the level of similarity with a so-called Profile Coefficient number. In addition to the self-evaluation analysis, CAPTain Online also contains the additional optional function “CAPTain Online Subjective“. It shows how the test persons perceive their abilities and behaviour, which – in comparison to the objective part of the test – provides information to the self-awareness of the person.

By the end of the program stakeholders will be given a general summary & action plan (HR, line-manager) and individual report & feed-back (participants).

Areas of Application:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Training & Development
  • Talent Managerment
  • Succession Planning
  • Job Analyzis
  • Outplacement