Customer Experience Readiness (CXR) Index

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Providing great Customer Experience is a new mantra of companies to bondage customers towards brand and services. We can trust that it happens one day to another by chance or we can develop our organization systematically.

Customer Experience Readiness (CXR) index is a measurement tool, which shows the internal ability of the organization of providing great Customer Experience. Based on CXR we get feedback, how far we get on this road, and also urge the organization to step ahead on that.


Stages of CXR measurement

Complete CXR measurement combines quantitative and qualitative research tools for maximizing effective data gathering and analysis.


3 pillars of CXR

Standard measurement tool of CXR has three interrelated pillars:

  • Readiness of Organization to provide great Customer Experience
  • Readiness of Processes to provide great Customer Experience
  • Readiness of Individuals to provide great Customer Experiences

Each pillar has four elements and their weighted evaluation drives the evaluation of a pillar and consequently the company CXR level.


Features of CXR Analysis

Definitely most important results are the absolute evaluation of CXR pillars and elements, however consistency of evaluation clearly shows to what extent management has same view and which elements can be identified as internal core values of CX.

Core Values are those CXR elements, which has a high evaluation thru all managers within the organization (high consistency)

Elements in the Developments quadrant are featured with low level of recent level, and all managers are agree on that

Improvement on elements with low consistency in danger due to managers are not commonly thinking on them, however some real improve CX (Values in Question) or can be considered to be (Considerations).


Gaps within the organization

Detailed analysis of CXR levels within the Organization can be described with our gap analysis tool. This approach clearly shows which evaluations differ from each other the most, to allow prioritization of the planned interventions.

In this example evaluation of Frontline is behind of Top Management almost in all CXR elements; the highest GAP is in collaboration of different channels and distribution of Strategy. Further focus is needed in Feedback and Measurement system as well as Documentation of processes.


CXR Workshop

Understanding and working with the results

Common understanding of survey results is one of best tool to engage management towards CX improvements. CXR workshop is not a presentation of a research, but rather more a common root and driver analysis, where managers (potentially with other key stakeholders) are working in smaller groups on strengthening Core values and improving development areas.