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The various business benefits that are brought by high employee engagement at a company has been widely discovered, therefore the topic of engagement has become one of the most significant focus areas to explore and improve nowadays. You cannot, however, improve employee engagement without knowing where your company stands, what the relevant and critical factors are and how they perform.

Key steps of the process

I. Preparation phase

  • Clarifying engagement factors & expectations
  • Discuss and design the structure of the survey
  • Select the topics for the questionnaire

 II. Running the survey

  • Delivery of the questionnaire
  • Analysing the responses and generating reports

III. Results & Planning

  • Presentation and interpretation of the results
  • Prioritize key areas to improve
  • Identifying quick wins and projects that will bring the highest impact
  • Develop and implement action plan

To ensure proper development, we start our transformational process to create and sustain an engaging company culture with exploring and measuring the most important engagement factors and their performance within a company. We have developed our EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY in a cooperation with Momentor Research and Consulting.

The complexity and sensitivity of the topic requires a very thorough, structured and flexible methodology that allows a customized approach. To meet these needs our questionnaire can be fully tailored to customer’s specific needs and can be delivered in any local languages, both online and offline. The results of the survey are summed up in a report that offers relevant benchmarks to better understand the feedback and the areas that are marked to improve.

The special EE Index of the survey enables to easily review the currently weakest points in employee engagement and set up goals to improve them. While another feature, the Importance versus Performance Matrix allows to optimise the investments aimed to improve EE within the company.

The results of such an employee engagement survey will provide a reliable and inspiring bases to start an improvement and development process that creates real impact and also supports all stakeholders to line up behind the changes.