Engaging leader

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Many leaders assume that engagement is a task for the top management and HR. They are the ones who can create the conditions at the company that allow and support high commitment and engagement for all employees. But is engagement something that you can only influence from the top? Is it possible at all? What is the responsibility and opportunity of the direct supervisors and mid leaders in enhancing their engagement?


THE AIM OF THIS PROGRAM is to increase the awareness of mid leaders of their importance, power and responsibility in creating and enhancing the engagement of their direct reports and also equipping and enabling them with the appropriate leadership tools.

DURING THE PROGRAM we study the various approaches, components, segments and drivers of engagement in order to identify and practice specific leadership activities that are effective in creating changes and results already within short term. This will provide an immediate shift in mid leaders’ mindset and enable them to apply these leadership standards and activities.

Beyond these more direct impacts, we will also deal with those leadership activities that allow leaders to influence employee engagement in the long run;

  • responding effectively to the employee needs and concerns in the various stages of the employee journey.
  • discover and build on those motivators that remain important even in changing jobs or position.

By this approach and by these leadership activities, mid leaders will be able to better discover and assess the personal needs of their subordinates and then to create an environment for them that helps engagement to grow.

By the end of the program, leaders will be able to consciously positively influence the motivation and engagement level of their peers and direct reports throughout the various stages of their employee journey.

Potential follow-up courses: Growth Mindset workshop, Further leadership development programs