Insights® Discovery Colourful Leadership

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Our leadership style also reflects our colour energies, because we leak who we are into everything we do! As leaders, the ability to tap into each of the 4 colour energies is crucial, however, we typically get stuck in our own preferred style according to our personality preferences. This course teaches leaders how to tailor their approaches based on the individuals’ personality styles.

OUR NEW LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS SOLUTION is designed to continue the already started colourful journey of Insights. The program helps leaders identify and explore their preferred leadership style, develop a conscious approach to their role, motivation and objective as a leader and provides them with effective tools to motivate and inspire their people.

INSIGHTS COLOURFUL LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT incorporating all four colour energies into our leadership of self and others. During the program the leaders are guided through an in-depth and exhilarating exploration of the four colour energies and eight dimensions of leadership, enabling them to examine their effectiveness in each of these diverse areas and to develop proven strategies for continuous and profound personal development. It is about balancing “our tasks” – doing the work to achieve the results we seek, – and “our relationships with people” being the authentic person we are.

By the end of the program participants will be able to understand their own motives, leadership style and competencies better, adapt their leadership communication to the situations and subordinates’ needs, drive and motivate themselves and their direct reports to excel.


Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness

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