Insights® Discovery Sales Effectiveness

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We could think that everyone can sell. Whether being a customer or a sales person we are aware of the tasks of a salesman. But do we really know what makes a sales person really successful and effective? The course teaches how to increase sales results by improving our attitude, skills and behaviour.

DURING THE COURSE besides the essential theories, the participants are preparing the cases for two of their customers in Develor’s Client Matrix, and the designed strategies they can implement immediately after the course.

DURING THE PROGRAM WE EXPLORE THE SALES PROCESS based on the Develor sales model and explore how to be more effective by capitalizing on our strengths and extended use of the Insights colour energies. We also discover the behaviours, and strategies required to be successful in sales through the lens of the sales persons’ preferences. Participants will also learn to apply the Insights core principles in sales context; how to identify and recognize clients’ dominant colour energies and how to adapt and exert influence on them in the various stages of sales. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice and further develop their Insights knowledge in the selling process by customized exercises.

THE INSIGHTS DISCOVERY PERSONAL PROFILE AND EFFECTIVE SELLING CHAPTER are integral to the program allowing individuals to explore their preferred selling style and how this will manifest itself at each of the stages of the sales process.

By the end of the program participants will be able to maximize sales effectiveness by using all four colour energies depending on the customer’s style and needs and the sales situation


Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness

Potential follow-up

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