Leadership Courage

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In today’s ever changing world leaders are not only expected to be competent, but has to face situations where they need to show courage as well. But what is courage and especially leadership courage? How can courage manifest itself in a leader’s work? Why and how to be courageous in uncomfortable situations? Moreover, how to make others courageous and build a culture of courage?

Our program approaches leadership courage as a skill that can be developed. The training starts from a thorough and clear understanding of the concept of leadership courage. The program gives clues for understanding the real meaning of courage and help people face and cope with fears (a taboo topic in everyday business life) including their own ones.

Courage, however, isn’t a one-dimension competence; its complexity is well-described in our Leadership Courage Octagon© model, which on the one hand visualizes the fields where leadership courage can manifest itself, and on the other hand it is also an excellent and practical tool for self-assessment. By the help of the Octagon participants understand the fields of actions, where they can demonstrate courage as leaders.

Courage Culture is a state where people – regardless of their positions and hierarchy levels – demonstrate courageous behavior with each other and support others to catch up if needed. During the program participants get acquainted with the role and importance of Psychological Safety at the workplace, as an essential part of building a courage culture. They are also provided with practical tools, which help them build and maintain a value-based, high-performing culture.

By the end of the program, leaders will be able to:

  • Enhance their self-awareness related to fears and courage;
  • Identify the areas, where their leadership courage needs to be strengthened;
  • Help others become more courageous and build a courage culture

Potential follow-up courses:

  • Assertive Managerial Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Feedback & Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Effective Decision-making
  • Effective Team Leader