Employees in biggest demand are those who are adaptive, agile, with growth mindset and able to lead themselves and others. Lumina Spark inspires people to develop not only in these skills.

It deepens the awareness of their personalities, reveals their potential and helps them cope with stress. The colorful language inspires to new insights and gives practical tips to ignite participants’ inner spark, to use their strengths, build rapport with colleagues and co-create results. All this in a highly visual and memorable way, helping participants apply the new skills long-term.

Lumina embraces paradox – in different contexts we can be both extroverted and introverted and claim qualities at both ends of the polarity. Nothing is certain, neither in life, nor at work, which also goes for the human nature. Thus, we can declare that we like to go to parties and we also like to stay in and read a book. Lumina embraces this paradox and builds on.

Prior to the training the participants are requested to fill in an online questionnaire so that we can generate their Lumina Spark portrait. The model is easy to understand, but thanks to the 24 qualities it offers deeper insight at the same time. We are the guides to the participants on their journey to discover their personality, we enable them to recognize and appreciate the diversity (even their opposites) and to adapt their approach to their communication with different colleagues. During the training we work with individual Lumina Spark portraits, focusing on the holistic view of the personality, its underlying, everyday and overextended persona – no labelling, no boxing, no stereotyping.

Lumina Splash is an interactive application that can be downloaded by participants so that they can access their digital profile at any time and share it with their family, friends or colleagues via QR code or compare their results with other participants.