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    Target group

    • All levels

    How many people?

    5 - 12

    How long will it take?

    4 x 120 minutes

    Hybrid Operation
    • Virtual Training

    Remote style of work today is very different from how we work in the office. Many of the traditional approaches of managing tasks and time do not work in home office. In the conditions of remote work, we need a special approach. A flexible system that will help us to become more productive in these conditions, ensures efficiency and help to avoid burnout.

    The purpose of the training is to support participants in successfully adapting to remote work, while maintaining the required level of productivity and keeping work-life balance in a remote environment.

    OUR PROGRAM is based on the Getting Things Done method (GTD) developed by the American author, David Allen, and adapted to remote work circumstances. This method is a reliable basis for optimizing the management of your tasks and time in remote mode. Complemented by life hacks, progressive ideas and tips for organizing remote work, this approach will help ensure productivity, experience progress and gain control over remote reality.

    Efficient at home

    During the program, participants will get acquainted with 4 key principles that will help set up an effective approach to remote work. They will get acquainted with the complex system and begin its implementation during the training. They will be able to reorganize their workplace, learn how to use tools and techniques that will make them more productive and allow them to experience less stress in remote work.

    Course objectives

    • raise awareness about advantages and challenges of remote work
    • figure out how to configure conscious, effective task & time management process in home office
    • learn how to ensure communication and collaboration effectiveness in remote work
    • receive practical ideas on keeping work-life balance when you work from home office


    • advantages and challenges of remote work, especially in home office
    • 4 principles of efficiency in remote work
    • Prepare, Collect, Process, Organize – an active task management process
    • regular short terms review – navigating and staying motivated while working remotely
    • keeping work-life balance in home office
    • how to cope with procrastination and distractions in home office
    • how to overcome the communication and collaboration challenges of remote work

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