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    Target group

    • All leaders, sales people and employees who need to be persuasive & impactful at their job

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    2 days

    Sales and CX
    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    The ability to influence and persuade others to take action is a key skill in all business areas, be it external or internal negotiation, sales work, a persuasive presentation, selling a new idea, gaining support for a request, or a buy-in for our initiative.

    With our communication and overall behaviour, we make an impact anyway, even if we don’t want to – so we’d better create it consciuosly. The question is how can we influence others with intergrity and successfully to reach our goals in a win-win, non-manipulating way?

    The course teaches the participants how make their presentations and negotiating arguments more appealing and emotionally engaging to gain their partners’ buy-in for cooperation. It also increases the awareness of those factors that are capable of strongly influencing us humans, our decisions, in a less conscious way.

    Impact and influencing

    The focus is on the core principles of influencing and persuasive presentation, but it will also help clarify the role of self-worth and self-esteem, thus understanding how to create a good atmosphere for our discussions, and how to convince our partners in a way that also meets their core needs.

    Course objectives

    • exert influence and make an impact through their communication
    • create and deliver persuasive presentations effectively
    • convince others in discussions and negotiations
    • recognize and use influencing techniques and handle them consciously
    • differentiate and handle manipulation


    • Aristotle’s 3 pillars of effective persuasion
    • H
    • how to sell an idea with a properly structured presentation
    • the concept of self-worth and how it influences the atmosphere
    • how to gain buy-in when we have conflicting desires
    • explore and practice Cialdini’s 6 principles of influencing
    • how to differentiate and handle manipulation


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