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    Target group

    • Sales Managers
    • Key Account Managers
    • Sales and Technical support staff

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    2 days

    • Virtual Training
    • Classroom Training

    Who makes decisions at the client’s company? What are the most important motives of that person? Who influences decisions and what are their preferences? And last but not least, How do they perceive us and our services?

    In spite of the differences between the companies, the challenges are very similar in every B2B situation: how can company ensure that it reaches and captures the top potential clients that will provide the lifeblood to company? And as soon as it gets their business, what are the ways to maximize their presence? To reach these goals requires a systematic approach, careful planning and conscious relationship management.

    The course is designed to develop these specific sales skills of Business-to-Business sales people that will allow them to increase either the probability of acquiring a new customer or to increase the amount of business with an existing customer.

    Strategic account management

    During the course, besides the essential theories of the Buying Cycle, the Decision Making Units (DMU), customer typology and the Client Matrix, the participants prepare cases for two of their customers in Develor’s company Matrix, and the designed strategies they can implement immediately after the course.

    Course objectives

    • understand the structure of decision making in an organization
    • the buying motives of individuals
    • influencing the purchase decisions of company’s clients
    • recognize and adapt to the client’s Buying Cycle stage
    • plan the actions for a strategically important client and consciously execute that plan through various sales meetings


    • characteristics of business-to-business selling
    • The Buying Cycle – when to approach a customer and what the objective of the interaction is
    • Decision Making Units (DMU) – who the people are who influence the decision and what their motives are
    • DDS customer typology, based on the person’s role in the decision
    • what the typical motives of DMU members are and what company’s answer is
    • presenting tailored product/service benefits to multiple people
    • the company Matrix – a unique strategic planning tool for increasing penetration

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