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    Target group

    • Sales and Purchasing People
    • Managers ans subordinates who deal with internal/external clients

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    1 day

    Sales and CX
    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    We examine the types of trust, which can be established between a salesperson and the customer, then depending on your type of industry and your personality the trust strategy will be designed. Throughout the course we are working with DEVELOR’s Relationship Triangle, a unique tool to determine the way salespeople will establish trust and increase the chances of closing the deal.

    Once the strategy has been established the course goes through a series of techniques and their applications in real life. These include ways to create a favorable first impression and other techniques to increase your “likability”; adjusting the salesperson’s behavior to the customer’s behavior based on the DDS purchasing behavior typology and the 6 ways of influencing as researched by Dr. Cialdini. In the second part of the program we focus on sales attitude mindset and how it influences the ways we can exceed customer expectations.

    Trust-based relationship building

    The uniqueness of the course is the recogition that there is no one way of trust building. Depending on the type of industry and the sales strategy of your organization, salespeople need to tailor their ways of building trust and their credibilty. Customized situational exercises help participants to recognize which type of trust is preferred by the customer, which will lead to a successfull sales result.

    Course objectives

    • understand the prerequisites of purchase
    • recognize the types of trust, which can be established between a salesperson and the customer
    • determine your trust strategy by using DEVELOR’s Relationship Triangle
    • adapt your behavior to the customer’s by observing the DDS customer typology
    • determine your sales footprint Influence your customer
    • make a favorable first impression


    • prerequisites of sales Sales Process
    • overview Sales Footprint Types of trust – DEVELOR’s Relationship Triangle
    • The Bakkal attitude 6 principles of influencing
    • Selling & Dating analogy
    • how to make a positive first impression
    • likeability tips
    • DDS – Customer behavior typology

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