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Is independent learning the solution?

Fast lifestyle, digitalization and the need for personalization changed
our learning habits. We need more flexible, independent, yet impactful
and efficient development programs.

The L&D professionals in companies face the challenge - how to build
a valuable program with diminishing control over where and how
participants learn?

Self-directed learning is becoming a trend. But how effective is it? Data shows
that only 10% of participants finish the online course they started.

That is why we consider it essential to combine the independent learning
elements with ones held by the trainer during the process - whether in person
or offline. This will ensure the desired impact and efficiency of learning.

Insight 1

Design a unique learning journey

Every training program has a great deal of conscious
thinking behind its flow. It is built with intention to cover
the content, maintain dynamics and maximise the learning
for all participants. If you “just split” an existing training
program into a number of online and offline blocks, you will
lose the internal consistency and risk the training effect.

In our blended learning approach we combine offline
and online elements consciously.

We design blended programs along two main dimensions:
time and space of learning. We attend to objectives,
options and limitations of every learning element, take into
consideration content, target group and program length.
This way we build a program that ensures maximum
development impact, while keeping it flexible,
personalised and interactive for participants.

Insight 2

Create participant engagement

Participant engagement and motivation to learn is key to
the success of any development program. We need to
ensure that participants remain active throughout their
learning journey.
This requires focus on flexibility, personalization, and a high
degree of interactivity. Balancing the online and offline
dimension, is part of most blended learning programs.

But harmony has to be a goal between independent
(asynchronous) and trainer-lead (synchronous) learning
elements as well. Challenging home assignments,
microlearning nuggets, game-based activities or online simulations are just a few examples of DEVELOR’s versatile
toolkit that can be applied.

Insight 3

Work with a Learning Architect

Each Blended Learning program is exceptional in its kind.
Its structure and content are determined not only by
customer needs and participant preferences, but also by
technical possibilities and constraints as well.
Target results can be achieved in several ways. The wide
range of different learning methods and tools can make it
difficult to choose and find the best solution.

This is where DEVELOR’s Learning Architects can help you.
They assess your needs and map the specifics to design
the most suitable learning program for you. This makes
each program a unique learning experience.

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