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    Year 2020 has been a challenging for many. But this year also was a testament to the resilient and adaptable – those became stronger through the experience. At the of of 2020, an important agreement for two strong companies on Georgian L&D market has been reached.

    Growin, an established coaching company, the first one in Georgia, was already for some time looking for a way to expand their portfolio. It was clear to the partners that to serve their clients more, a broader range of options is needed. Coaching is a strong tool, however, it can be stronger with other development options.

    At the same time, DEVELOR in Georgia, active for some 5 years also was in the situation, where they felt need for growth in the team and are actively looking for partners who can add unique value to clients and with whom a good cultural fit could be reached.

    What does this partnership mean for people development in Georgia?

    The two companies are joining forces in order to become a unique end-to-end provider of people growth. It is DEVELOR’s mission to Grow individual and teams at work. The combined diagnostic, training and coaching expertise will help the clients of DEVELOR become the real home of growth.

    DEVELOR’s portfolio is broad and spans from Attitude & Mindset forming training and workshops, through Sales & Customer Experience consulting to Diagnostics. However, the greatest focus of DEVELOR in Georgia for upcoming months will be to provide high-end leadership development. A combination of well-structured training solutions and top-class coaching elements will be the key for this to happen.

    All of DEVELOR programs are spearheaded by the internationally coordinated Learning Journey Architecture approach – to develop a unique journey that results in memorable learning for participants, manageable change of behaviour which in the end, achieves the intended business results for the company.

    Stronger Together to Provide Top Training Services in Georgia

    We all believe that the Georgian companies and people can greatly benefit from offering that DEVELOR brings, now with the additional strength of coaching expertise. The combination is good news for the L&D professionals, who can now turn to an even better partner.

    What Do Leaders Say About the DEVELOR / Growin Merge

    Mariam Beridze, former Commercial Director of Growin will assume the role of Managing Director for the merged company. Mariam commented the following:

    We are excited about the future, especially in leadership development. With the combined strength of coaching practice and DEVELORs’ renowned international leadership development portfolio, the value that we can bring to clients is multiplied.

    I look forward to this new phase in my – our – company journey. These are exciting times full of possibilities.


    Giorgi Kakulia, the founder of DEVELOR Georgia remains active with the company in a trainer and consultant role. He welcomes the partnership:

    And I am extremely happy to welcome among DEVELOR my friends Tamuna and Mariam as well as the other members of the Growin team.

    When I established DEVELOR Georgia years ago, we became part of this strong international family. Now they are part of it too.


    Zsolt Pozvai, Global CEO of DEVELOR added:

    We’ve seen a great deal of professionalism and dedication so far from our Georgian colleagues. I am thrilled that DEVELOR will become an even better partner to our clients now with the Growin merger.

    It is my pleasure to see the Georgian branch taking another step forward.

    We wish DEVELOR in Georgia the best of luck. But more than luck we wish them to stay strong, adaptive and ready. That is, what makes the strong even stronger. Visit the website of DEVELOR Georgia for current happenings and news.


    Growin is the first coaching company in Georgia, which has been pioneering and promoting coaching in the country since 2015. Its mission was to help individuals in development and transformation through professional coaching and personal development programs.

    DEVELOR is an international training and consulting company with 28 years of European experience, focused on implementing organizational change, individually tailored development programs and innovative approaches.

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