Sales Booster

People with Processes


COMPETENT SALES PEOPLE, SUPPORTED BY EFFICIENT INTERNAL PROCESSES, GENERATE RESULTS. Develor Sales Booster services focus on personal competence and the alignment of processes, systems and KPI’s. Our solutions provide an efficient sales management framework which encourages staff and management to perform better. Our programmes are built on an audit of human skills, sales tools, KPI’s and systems.

Kirkpatrick system-based planning and implemen- tation of the program guarantee measurable growth in business results. The outcome? Sales and customer service professionals are able to retain and develop customers whilst simultaneously increasing customer loyalty and acquiring new clients. All related courses are based on our peerless comprehensive Sales Mandala system which identifies the competences needed to be successful in all sales encounters in specific business segments. Additionally, leaders will be able to manage and develop their sales professionals even further, in an efficient and engaging manner.