DEVELOR services are available in Finland and in Scandinavia by our strategic partner, Novetos Oy

novetosNovetos specializes in improving leadership skills and competences by means of coaching, consulting, training and facilitation. We provide companies and individuals with new ways of thinking and opportunities for growth, as well as with practical tools to manage change. By improving employee experience, our customers are also achieving better customer experience and business performance.

The mission of Novetos is to improve the working life, and we are promoting that with one leader and one company at a time. We want to help people fulfil their potential, and to become the best version of themselves. We believe that in a good corporate culture human focus and business efficiency are in harmony, and not to be seen as opposites. Often we are asked to facilitate organizational change at different levels of management and employees, or to support IT projects or work environment changes.

Our services range from short-term trainings to large change programs, and may include the following type offerings:

  • current state analyses (surveys, interviews, workshops, observations, process walk, management audit);
  • leadership training for managers at different levels
  • blended learning solutions including on-site training, virtual tools and platforms, and skype coaching
  • senior management consulting in decision-making and management group training
  • coaching for individuals and teams
  • facilitation of strategy, vision, values or other corporate-level fundamental issues
  • support for improvement projects

Key areas of focus are leadership development, empowerment, support of well-being and open dialogue at work.

More information: http://www.novetos.fi

Novetos Managing Partner: Petri Lehtipuu, Business consultant, Executive Coach (ACC)

Petri LehtipuuPetri Lehtipuu has over 30 years of experience in corporate organization, leadership development and project management with change projects.

His first career in international business included various roles and positions in management and sales, and since 1997 he has intensively worked in the field of improving organizational performance and leadership competences.

He is currently active in Executive Team Coaching and Mentoring, Change projects (Mobile work and Reworking the Work Environments), Leadership Development, Team Management, Employee Experience linked to Customer Experience, and Corporate Culture areas.

Besides, Petri plays guitar in two bands, and is a keen photographer of birds and historical automotives. He has four children and one grandchild.