DEVELOR services are available in Italy by our strategic partner, GROWBP


Growbp specializes in coaching, consulting, education and training, for professionals and companies both national and international proposing the adoption of its method of optimizing human resources to maximize productivity.

Growbp’s mission is to help people maximize their potential and for business organizations to increase the level of efficiency and productivity. By facilitating organizational change, and moving to a culture of empowerment, working with businesses and professionals to develop both personally and professionally by:

  • defining short and long term objectives;
  • realty checks through analysis of situations;
  • analysis of alternatives and options in setting an action plan;
  • analysis of what is needed and what needs to be let go;
  • process checking (who, what, how, when).

Key areas of focus are personal development, training of professional coaches, accompanying individuals through phases of change, personal and professional career coaching, leadership development, empowerment, change management and generation handover in private companies.

More information: http://www.growbp.com – http://www.growbp.it

Growbp Founder & Managing Director: Claudia Crescenzi, MCC  Executive Coach

Claudia CrescenziClaudia Crescenzi has over 20 years of experience in corporate organization, leadership development and human resources with professional development.

She has worked as a consultant on projects of corporate restructuring, corporate communications and the development of new services and business.

Currently involved in Integrated Projects (Consulting, Training and Coaching) Change Management, Diversity Management, Leadership Development, Team Management, Motivation and Self-Esteem, Executive Team Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision.