Double down on visualization

In the past fourteen days we’ve organised two interesting events related to visual recording. Our clients always require innovation and different addition to our activities. Luckily we have people among us who put full effort into this interesting skill.


By the end of second June week, our colleague Beata from Czech office helped our Hungarian branch to discover their skill in visual techniques. You can get a feeling of the atmosphere at Bea’s LinkedIn profile. It’s important to develop in visualisation for us. Clients don’t only like innovative topics, but also the form of the learning needs to evolve. Visualisation definitely helps to make the learning memorable.


Slovak branch in Bratislava hosted an open visualization training called “Seeing something once is better than hearing about it a hundred times.” During the day, representatives of automotive, services and even our new colleague had the chance to develop their skill, all led by Petra.  You can also read her blog about visualisation at LinkedIn and download a helping sheet to practice visualisation yourself here.

If you are interested in how the visual recording and visualization can be beneficial for you, just ask us at info@develor.com.


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