Frequently Asked Questions

First of all thank you for visiting our site. We have created this page to help you receive answers to your questions and possible concerns. We are all different, with different training experience, background and personality – this is one of the greatest challenges of our work.

So let’s see what your fellow participants asked us most frequently.

What is this whole training about?

DEVELOR has more than 70 various training courses, and dozens of workshops, coaching sessions and other learning formats.

Training is to provide you with fresh and relevant knowledge, and the chance to practice and answer your related questions. Our courses are practice-heavy, and as tailored to your own life as possible.

Workshops are to help you overcome business challenges, brainstorm, resolve burning issues, find root-causes and generally to facilitate your team’s common thinking and problem solving process.

Team coaching and practice sessions aim at working with your own challenges by the help of structured facilitation by our trainers and coaches.

Shall I participate in situational exercises (as known as role plays)?

We encourage you to try and test the techniques, methods you learnt. However, although nothing is compulsory at the training, you would lose a lot if you rejected participating in the situational exercises. Unfortunately, theoretical knowledge in itself won’t help you become more successful. While during the practice sessions, you can taste the reality and with the help of constructive and practical feedback you can correct your behavior. Our trainers create a safe environment, where there is no room for anyone to be humiliated or ridiculed.

Will I be assessed during the training?

No! It is an essential principle of our training courses that we do not provide individual feedback or assessment of the participants. Training is for learning. Therefore, it is okay to fail in exercises, ask “improper” questions or be incompetent. The role of the training and our trainer is to correct your current mistakes or bad routines. All we expect from you is to be open and collaborative with others.

Will anyone else know about what we are talking about in training? Can I talk about sensitive issues?

Mutual trust between the trainer and the participants is essential for the success of the training. The principal of “what is said in the room, stays in the room” is valid for the trainer and other participants as well. If your questions or concerns are related to the training topic, please feel free to share them with the group. If there is a topic or problem that affects most of the participants and prevents effective learning or application of the skills acquired during the training, the trainer can indicate it to the organizer in your company. However, even in such cases, we do not mention individuals, but overall impressions and symptoms.

Do I need to prepare?

You have received or will receive an e-mail from your DEVELOR trainer, which contains all the necessary instructions regarding your preparation. If your training is part of a larger, multi-stage program, we highly recommend to review the materials of the previous sessions. It will help you to practice and deepen the knowledge you acquired and the skills you developed. Our colleagues might wrap-up the content of past courses to help you in application.

Is there a dress code for the training?

We do not have specific dress codes, however, a training is an event organized for you by your company, not an individual leisure program. Therefore please pay attention to the appropriate clothing. For our classroom training courses, recommend a comfortable, smart casual outfit, while for outdoor programs sporty or active wear clothing. In case of further questions related to the dress code of the event, please turn to your training organizer.

When do we start?

Most of the courses start at 9:00 am, but can vary company by company and training by training. Please gather further information from the organizer of the training, or if it doesn’t work out, turn to your DEVELOR trainer. We suggest you arrive on site in time (10-15 minutes before the training start) to be fully focused and relaxed when the program starts. Don’t forget, this is your and your colleagues’ joint program, which is not worth to be wasted.

When do we finish?

It highly depends on the expectation of your company, and some other practical factors. A traditional training day takes 8-8.5 hours, including a longer lunch-break and some 15-minute coffee breaks. Your trainer will inform you about the timing and technical details in the opening of the program.

When do we have breaks?

We have breaks in every 1.5 hours to give you the chance to relax or answer missed calls. If you can afford, we recommend not to check emails during the training day, as it can swipe you out of the topic of the course and confuse your focused mind.

May I ask questions or give feedback to the trainer?

Of course! Your questions and honest feedbacks are warmly welcome. Every program is flexible enough and our trainers are experienced to manage your questions and special requests. Go ahead if you feel to say or ask something – in a constructive way.

What if I have a special program during the training?

Please inform the trainer about your other duties, which complicate your full participation or focused attention before the training start. We ensure you that your trainer will find a solution to manage this and help you to get the most out of the training.

Who will help me with the accommodation or meals?

If you are not informed by your company or organizer colleagues about the details of the venue and accommodation, you can turn to your trainer right after arrival or during the day. The trainer is not only your professional support, but also your host to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You can also turn to the trainer before the training in case of special requests or questions.

Please note that Develor PLC manages your personal information (name, e-mail, signature) on the basis of its legitimate interests resulting from the engagement contract concluded with your employer for this training, for a statutory period of time for the keeping of accounting certificates. A copy of the photos/videos made of you will permanently delete at your request. For more information on our data management, see the Data Management Information on develor.com. Please send your questions, requests or any complaints to info@develor.com email.

Should you have any further questions, please turn to us.