Challenges we solve

How does Develor contribute to your personal or organizational growth? What are the improvement challenges we solve?

It all depends on how you read this site:

If you are an HR professional, spending your HR budget wisely and providing evidence that the HR budget was spent wisely is of utmost importance to you. Through our Develor Value Chain methodology (powered by Kirkpatrick methodology)  Develor directly links the consulting and training intervention, through a chain of evidence to the achieved business results. In practice, that simply means that you will be able to demonstrate the value of the program in a measureable format. That evidence guarantees a higher level appreciation to the HR or L&D function as such in any organization. To see evidences of this approach, take a moment to study our case studies with measured results.

If you are an HR professional, you might be interested in Develor’s uniquely diverse and world-class quality consulting and training portfolio in our 4 expertise areas (Leadership Impact, Sales Booster, Talent Springboard, Oranizational Excellence)  or simply browsing through our product portfolio. The feedback you will receive after the training courses from participants shall contribute to the positive perception on HR within the organization. Through Develor’s legendary service quality and our unique approach of X-Learning participants find the training truely enjoyable and memorable.

If you are a business leader, your concerns is reaching business KPIs. With the application of “measureable results” slogan, Develor intervention can be linked directly to your business expectations in a measureable format, so even at the very beginning of the program you will see the evidence of how Develor interventions directly influences the KPI, which is of ultimate importance to you. Study some of our case studies, where Develor has guaranteed return on business expectations and directly contributed to sales increase, customer experience increase, or a measurable increase in the level of competence of talents.

If you are a participant, you might want to read more on Develor promises on making learning memorable, the behaviour change manageable, and the results measureable. It is also important to you that the time you invest in your development is spent in a beneficial manner, not only regarding the content of the training but also the enjoyability of it. Develor makes learning fun through our unique online platform EnterTraining. To understand what are the areas where Develor develops competencies, browse through our product protfolio.