Develor Value Chain

Frequently training and consulting organizations are approached with a need for development competencies of people or a need to restructure an organization or department.

We think performance first.

Develor’s Think PerformanceTM concept is based on the Kirkpatrick methodology. While most professionals think of the Kirkpatrick 4 levels as a measurement tool, Develor – as being Kirkpatrick-certified – uses it as a planning and a measurement tool as well.

When designing a development program we challenge our customers to think on what business performance (KPI) they would like to see being demonstrated by the target group and beyond. So, the expected outcome comes first and the design of training content is just the final step of the prepartion phase.

If we fully agree on the measureable objective of the project, than we can identify critical behaviours of all relevant target groups to be improved. We have learned the lesson, long term change and positive business effect will only take place if there is a structured tool-kit supporting the new behaviors, therefore the identicifaction of “Key Drivers” is the following step in the process.

The design of training courses starts at this point, after having all the above set. Our training courses are fully designed to train the critical behaviours.

After the training, we ensure that the organizations put Key Drivers in place to monitor, encourage, reinforce, and reward the application of newly learnt skills on the job. All these measures together guarantee that the desired performance happens. We are ready to assess our performance based on the system set in advance and support our HR contacts to demonstrate the value created regarding any kind of development program, be that Leadership, Sales or Talent manegement.

For detailed ideas how Think PerformanceTM  approach works in practice check our Success Stories!