Flexible & digestible mini training series

We are often facing the challenge of having the need for skill development or attitude change at a company, but lacking the time for even a 1-day training. May the reason be the workload or the service/production hours, service readiness, helpdesk or any other support functions, it will result in limited time to reach the same impact or change.

  • How to ensure the fulfilment of the development objectives, while also being considerate of the time the staff can allocate?
  • How to keep the benefits, efficiency and practising opportunity of a whole day training within very short time-frames?

In our BITE-SIZE LEARNING solution, we provide a training series that can include diverse topics depending on the needs and objectives, and these topics are chunked into small, bite-sized modules. The duration of the modules can vary from 1,5 – 3 hours based on the complexity and available time. To ensure proper practice and implementation, the knowledge and skill development modules are followed by a separate session fully dedicated to practice.

The topics and the structure of the training series are highly flexible and after the first drafts, they are being organically developed to ensure maximum fit and customization to the needs that evolve and are explored in growing details during the program.

Depending on the number of topics and their depths, the program can last from 1 to 3-4 months, which adds a special working & cooperation culture and team spirit to the development, thus further supporting the desired changes and developments in the team.

All programmes can as easily be delivered as online learning solutions via virtual class, webinar or online consultations (depending on the specific need). At DEVELOR we are remote ready!

An example of a recent program package for soft skill development:

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