“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them” – Sir John Whitmore

Coaching is fostering the professional role and it is hands-on development work, whose objective is to promote and maintain development in the professional role. It focuses on clarifying and reinforcing roles and developing competences needed for these roles. It prepares the coaching partner for assignments and stages of learning.

Whereas during training courses the focus from a participant’s point of view is on getting knowledge and acquiring new competencies via a transfer from the trainer to the group, when it comes to coaching the quality and success of the process depends in a first place on the motivation and readiness of the “coachees” to work deeply on the issue(s) they raised, and on what they “bring on the table”. The coach’s work is to help the coachees raise their level of awareness about the contemplated problems, help them looking at situations from new, different perspectives and through a tailor-made process professionally lead by powerful questioning and active listening, the coachees will discover their inner resources to come up with the right solutions to the specific problem.

And coaching works! It has demonstrated its powerfulness in lots and lots of cases in the corporate (and private) life for more than a few decades.

Coaching can be an independent process or a method supporting the follow-up and implementation support of any training course with dramatic effectiveness and long-lasting effect. Develor coaches are seasoned, accredited professionals who are able to coach in both English and their native language. As of coaching is a sensitive area where the personal chemistry has a special importance, we suggest to meet our coaches for a discussion and make your decision based on the impressions.

In Develor’s broad service portfolio, we offer our clients both individual and team coaching solutions, always tailor-made of course, from senior, top-executives to young, talented (potential) managers.

Most of our coaching sessions are built on some individual diagnostics, like 360 assessment, Development Center, Insights Discovery report or other competency tests.

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