Consulting Services

Develor contributes to its clients’ success through sales and HR solutions. Value creation, the harmony of processes and their supporting systems are considered as essential through our work.

Based on the value creation principle together with our clients we design and implement such processes that support the work of the employees, at the same time they guarantee the efficiency of their work, and strengthen their motivation.

We have seen several examples where an excellent new system did not live up to the expectations, because it did not fit perfectly to the company’s already existing systems and it did not support fully the previously set business objectives.

Therefore, during our projects the alignment of systems and organizational capabilities and their hierarchy are considered of high importance.

In addition to our experience and expertise in this sector is a further advantage that as an outsider, we are able to objectively highlight our clients’ organizational problems and reveal those “blind spots”  that are hard to detect from within due to being internally involved.

Our main fields of consultancy are: fast overall diagnosis of sales, process restructuring and development, standardizing of behavioral norms. In the area of HR they are the establishment or development of competence and performance management systems, evaluation and analysis of job descriptions along with their related tasks. Our efficiency consultants conduct LEAN projects, while our unique LEAN methodology has been developed for the service areas and sectors.

The three elements of DEVELOR’s Talent Springboard solutions: