Customer Experience

DEVELOR improves human & organizational & process aspects of Customer Experience. We concentrate on the human touch – the emotional impact of personal interactions with customers.


Our Experience and Expertise

DEVELOR as Customer Experience expert supports its clients on this journey by providing expertise and capacity. We co-create solutions with our customers and get them implemented at all touchpoints with human interactions. We help implement customer experience management through people with the right mindset and the proper behavior, improved and unified leadership at all levels, and more efficient people related processes.

DEVELOR has strong experience in Customer Experience improvement projects in Europe & Middle East in various business segments like Telco, Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Car Sales and Public services. Our Customer Experience expert team consists of 34 professionals. Learn more about some of our specific Customer Expereince solutions.

Our Customer Experience solutions cover the field of various diagnostics and researches, Customer Journey mapping, Customer Service standardization, Leadership Operational Model (aka Governance Model) set-up, Complaint Management, and the related training and coaching services.

DEVELOR International Customer Experience Research

DEVELOR has run yearly international Customer Experience research since 2013. We are providing Customer Experience and Customer Value improvement benchmarks between industries and countries in the EMEA region. You can read in the latest extract of our CX Survey study about the main trends and learnings from both the customers’ and the service providers’ aspects.

Walk the talk

DEVELOR being a leading Customer Experience solution provider walks the talk. We have implemented most of the elements of professional Customer Experience management in our Customer Journey.

Our world is undergoing rapid changes in many arenas. Nowadays customers can get information anytime and anywhere. They can even choose without directly contacting companies. Our customers are getting more powerful and make demands which have not been seen before. They want to be served through various channels, they want to get things done fast, seamlessly, without efforts.

Customer Experience Management deals with interactions with customers and the sum of all experiences a customer has within all touchpoints with the company through all available channels. It seeks to develop a loyal and long-term relationship with the customers.

Customer Experience (CX) is a key differentiator in today’s business world. Based on DEVELOR’s International Customer Experience Survey, corporate decision makers reported 21% total income loss where they fail to provide positive, brand consistent CX. There is a huge amount at stake. Achieving customer centricity means that we understand our most valuable customers’ needs, expectations and preferences. It implies knowing when to be there for them and when to stay away and once we attend to them, we deliver on our promises.

Customer Experience is a strategic focus that covers each department of companies and requires a change in the organizational structure. It is a value with which people live every single day and it requires you to do something more for your customers whenever possible.


Corporate executives are more and more convinced that outstanding service quality cannot be expected solely by focusing on the front-office. Back-office areas and usually the internal organizational factors are the main barriers of high Customer Experience, or in an ideal case, they can be a lasting driving force for it. Excellent customer experience begins within the organization.

CXM is the next level of the CRM development

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)is a business strategy, which seeks to show how you can satisfy the needs of the existing, as well as potential customers.
  • CXM (Customer Experience Management) deals with specific interactions with customers and the sum of all experiences a customer has within all contacts with the company through all available communication channels. It seeks to develop a loyal and long-term relationship with the customer.

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