FAQ to our CX Survey

Corporate CX survey – in-depth interviews with decision makers

If you wish to participate in a personal in-depth interview, please contact us!

1. What will provide results of the study?

The main aim of the survey is to show importance of the Customer Experience topic and the factors, which could help companies in their progress.

  • Information on attitudes and decisions of customers, whether they will buy additional services, remain your customers or they are planning to leave for your competition based on their previous experience in selected industries. Information on their reactions to negative experience, or which company based in our region they consider as a provider of excellent Customer Experience. We focus on the degree of loyalty and on what should companies do to increase the use of their services.
  • Comparison how various industries and companies understand the Customer Experience concept and what role it plays in their strategy. What the preferred methodology of measures the Customer Experience or the satisfaction. How the level of customer service affects the customer’s loyalty. Organizational readiness of companies in the field of customer experience (Customer Experience Readiness Index >>CXR©<<).
  • The overall assessment of trends in the field of CX for the next period looks at degree of organizational readiness in general, the Customer Experience Readiness Index in the selected industries (CX role in organisational structure, training, internal communication, customer service, customer service documents, relation to bonuses, etc.).

2. What are the benefits of participating companies?

Benefits of companies participating in the survey:

  • They will be able to compare their current systems and processes regarding work with customers and their significance for the customer with regard to his expectations,
  • to understand whether customers are willing to pay for a better customer experience and how much,
  • to see what is the impact of individual initiatives and systems on increase of customers’ loyalty,
  • to compare themselves with other companies within the selected industry, with respect to customer satisfaction, and
  • to get ideas for approval of strategic decisions, optimization of processes inside the company or possible trends they should focus on in the near future.

3. What is the form of results?

The participating companies will obtain results in the form of a final report (in the extent of approximately 16 pages). The results will be presented at official events in each participating countries, for the details contact our colleagues!

4. When will the results be at disposal?

The international survey is carried out in 2015. The final report with the overall results for the countries will be available in Q4 2015 and the International report in Q1 2016.

5. What methodology do you use?

The survey combines three sources of information:

  • Corporate survey – online questionnaire addressed to managers (CEO, sales, marketing and customer service managers) in the selected industries
  • Corporate survey – in-depth interview with managers (CEO, sales, marketing and customer service managers) in the selected industries
  • Residential survey – quantitative on-line survey on a representative sample of 1200 respondents in the age of 18-59 years by means of a structured questionnaire in cooperation with professional research agencies.

6. Are the results comparable with other types of surveys such as “mystery shopping”, “exit interview” or NPS?

To a small extent. The Customer Experience comprises several categories, takes into account emotional, as well as rational impressions and customer’s motivation. These impressions result from the customer’s contact with the company through a number of communication channels – shops, subsidiaries, call centres, advertising, on-line access, mobile solutions, etc. Of course, each of these channels has different importance for various persons; therefore “customer experience” does not have one universal standard.

Almost all other methods were designed in order to examine experience of customers according to a certain standard and how this standard is observed by the company or its employees. A survey focused on the “customer experience” looks at the overall satisfaction of customer in any contact between him and the company and the overall customer’s attitude.

7. How do you handle the confidential information acquired from the companies participating in the survey? Who can access them?

We consider the information acquired from the company managers as confidential. The aim of the final report is to provide summary information and trends so that each company can compare its own procedures with procedures on the market or within its own industry. The aim is not publishing of individual opinions and statements. In case of interesting individual observations provided during the personal interview, we will publish only the information with respect to which we will get permission.

8. How much time should a responsible manager reserve for participating in the research?

a. The online survey will not take more than 15-20 minutes.

b. The personal in-depth interview will take 60 minutes.

9. Which companies participate in the survey?

The main aim of the study was to focus on industries, in which the customer experience has strategic importance.  At the same time, there is a strong competition in these industries and the customer experience can mean a strategic advantage.

Industries included in the survey:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Gas, electricity and water suppliers
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive sales
  • Private healthcare
  •  Public services

10. What is the cost of participating in the study? Are there any financial obligations for participating?

No, companies’ participating does not result in any financial obligation. The survey is a tool for a thorough, in-depth analysis of the topic for our consulting and training company. We believe that structured information obtained on the basis of the survey will help us provide better-quality services for our customers. You can request company-specific management presentation of the results (with benchmarks and concrete suggestions), if you wish to have the presentation contact us!

11. What should I do if I have technical problems with filling-in the online questionnaire? Whom should I contact if I need additional information?

You can contact any of us here.