Develor’s unique EnterTraining is an online tool that supports the x-learning concept. Participants log into the online platform during the preparation phase before any training to get tuned into the course by reading some materials, watching inspirational videos or to demonstrate their current practices in a pre-test. The building of the learning community starts already before the course, as participants get acquainted with each other in the Event hall. The EvaluateMe function gives the opportunity for the participant to receive an objective view beforehand on his performance in relationship with the trained competences.

During the course(s) the ‘entertrainment’ continues with participating in online quizzes and voting. Learning is encouraged by a competitive scoring system, so the learner can compare own results to the event mates’ result. Traditional situational exercises are supported by the QuickFeedback function ensures the feedback is long lasting and remarkable. Motivation and competition generates a game feeling, enhancing the fun elements of learning, hence making it memorable.

At the end or after the course participants are invited to formulate their commitments regarding how they will put the learnt competences in practice (in CommTrack). These commitments will be tracked by their coaches, supporters and monitored continuously within the system.

EnterTraining is based on two ultimately valid observations:
1) “People like to play” – Gaminess, competition, scores and rewards are embedded in the design of EnterTraining, so participants get engaged into learning without realizing the energy they invest in it.

2) ”Progress is the best motivator for change” – Visual statistics, charts and graphics monitor and measure the development of the individual/the team and provides them the feeling of achievement.

The HR function receives reviews and learning reports on the progress and the achievement of the participants, providing an evidence of learning, with a never-seen-before accuracy of learning attitudes and performances. As a result, further intervention can be applied very accurately, if it is required to keep the progress on track.

EnterTraining is the great tool which supports our ultimate goal of making learning memorable, change manageable and results measurable.

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