Imre Molnár



Imre is a business management executive with broad experience in all aspects of running companies, develop them, adopt to new strategies. He is a credible, impactful and charismatic senior trainer and consultant due to his skills and the two decades of management experience in telecom, IT and energy industries. He has gained direct experience in business transformation, managing people for result, and developing skills. His specialties are leadership development , coaching based on supervision, change management (based on Ph.D. studies), business transformation, and organizational development.
Imre is focused on putting his passion and skills to good use by supporting non-profit organizations and projects. He is a Panel Member of the Proof of Concept Grant evaluation of the European Research Council.





DEVELOR Senior Trainer, Certified Coach, Change Management Consultant, Head of Consulting
DEUTSCHE TELEKOM Sales Director, SME and Business Services
MVM, National Electricity Company Chief of Cabinet
MVM Shared Services CEO


Doctor of Philosophy, Change Management practices                         University of West Hungary

MBA, Management                                                                                      Technical University

Engineer, Architectual Studies                                                                   Ybl Miklos University


Language Skills

Hungarian, English