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      There are more than 3 million Ukrainian refugees in the EU now, and their number is likely to increase. A special law passed by most governments provides refugees with access to the labor market, and we welcome EU companies that are planning to hire Ukrainian workers or have already done so. At the same time, it may bring some challenges.

      ▪️ Are EU companies ready to adapt Ukrainians to work in their teams?
      ▪️ Are they ready to adapt managers to work with Ukrainian employees?
      ▪️ Are they ready to provide the necessary support?

      DEVELOR, an international training and consulting company, offers its expertise in addressing the challenges of attracting Ukrainian workers to work in European countries.

      1. Onboarding of Ukrainian employees

      Adaptation or support of the current program for Ukrainian employees, develop and implement a new onboarding program in Ukrainian, Polish, and English.

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      2. Trainings for managers

      Trainings on cultural features to consider when working with employees from Ukraine (cultural awareness training) and tools to support and manage teams in stressful conditions

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      3. Trainings for the staffSkills

      Our portfolio includes more than 1000 training modules, which we can conduct in Ukrainian, English, Polish and other languages.

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      4. Development of special programs

      We have a Product Development Center in Budapest and a team of professional training architects who can develop individual development programs for any request.

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      5. Individual consultations and coaching

      Our experts are ready to provide individual support in Ukrainian, English and Polish.

      About DEVELOR

      We are an international training and development company. For 27 years help shape the human element of companies success. We are present in 16 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia. We deliver memorable learning, help achieve manageable change of behaviour and drive measurable impact.


      We grow
      and teams
      at work.

      Why DEVELOR?

      • 30 years of experience in training services in 16 countries
      • A team of experienced Ukrainian and Polish trainers
      • Experience in adapting programs to local markets
      • Possibility to conduct trainings in Ukrainian, Polish, English and other languages

        DEVELOR is a Proven Partner

        As a global company with the local presence we have helped in developing collaboration, transforming teams and fostering team spirit in 2000 companies across globe.

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