We’ve recently conducted a survey to map the relative importance of the key Engagement Drivers in relation to employees in general and in particular to Generation Y, in our region. The questionnaire was completed by HR professionals in July -August, 2016 in 6 countries.

Engagement Drivers

The Engagement Drivers, that the participants had to weight in, cover a broad spectrum and thus paint a very complex picture.

  1. Career opportunity
  2. Personal relationships
  3. Good collaboration
  4. Pay & benefits
  5. Flow at work
  6. Clear expectations
  7. Recognition & praise
  8. My opinion counts
  9. My job is important
  10. Development opportunities
  11. Work-life balance
  12. Work environment
  13. Self-actualization
  14. Identifying with the vision
  15. Diversity of work

Some interesting learnings

In general, we can state that for Generation Y the most important drivers are; ‘Development and Career opportunities’, ‘My opinion counts’ and ‘Work-life balance’. It shows the growing need and importance of a meaningful job with a good balance of private life.

This last above mentioned driver seems to be a new and increasingly growing tendency in each country, especially in Poland and Slovenia, where ‘Work-life balance’ received far the highest rates among all factors.

Good collaboration as the main driver, dropped significantly for Gen Y compared to general in each country suggesting that Gen Y prefers an individualistic development approach rather than a collaborative one, which might be addressed as misperception.

The last in the row was ‘Identifying with the vision’ in both cases that establishes the perception that employees have a tendency to work for money and good opportunities rather than aligning with a cause.

To dive in further

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