Welcome to the training

“The capacity to learn is a gift;
the ability to learn is a skill;
the willingness to learn is a choice.”

And this is your choice now!


Dear Training Participant,

Each of us has the capacity to learn even if this gift is different person-by-person. What is important, and what Brian Herbert has referred to, is that you should make the most of your gift by choosing to exercise and build on your skill for learning.

DEVELOR is your partner to reach your full potential.

Our approach about training is simple: we aim to change your behavior, or at least to encourage and support you to be able to change or develop your behavior.

A simple knowledge transfer is not enough. Your company invests in you, you spend your valuable time on training and our colleagues invest huge effort into your learning experience. So this is a great investment by all parties, and thus it has to have a return.

Your individual development and your personal success is the return we want to reach.

Every single hour of a DEVELOR course, and each of the theories and exercises we use is the outcome of long hours, days and weeks of brainstorming, conscious decision between various theories and concepts, and fine-tuning of selected building bricks. Everything you will learn is the outcome of the effort made by our courseware designers, trainers and consultants. We also learned a lot from our clients and participants. Their feedbacks and suggestions are built in our best programs.

So, we are ready for the training to make it a great and useful experience for you.

Are you ready to the challenge?

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Looking forward to seeing you at the training.