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Welcome to our Basics of Virtual Meeting Etiquette Guide!

Whether you are experienced in online meetings or this will be your first time, it is important to know what to expect and how to behave properly in virtual meetings. 

Although, of course, there are similarities, virtual etiquette differs from traditional, face-to-face meeting etiquette in several ways. The more people on the call and the more the issue of cultural and linguistic diversity arises, the more important it is to be aware of the golden rules of virtual etiquette.

In the following, we summarized the most important ones.

  1.         Create an orderly and undisturbed environment

Especially if you work from home office. Your friends probably don’t mind, but the sight of your drying clothes or half-chewed breakfast in the background can not only be distracting but also projects an unprofessional image that you would most likely want to avoid in your business conversations. Family members waving in the background also don’t help in a business conversation. Therefore, make sure to tidy up your background and ask the ones around you not to disturb you for the upcoming period of time.

  1.         Pay attention to your appearance

However, one of the biggest advantages of home office is that you can spend most of your time in your comfortable home clothes, joining a virtual meeting disheveled, in your worn-out jumper does not help you with creating a good impression either. Therefore, before joining the call, make sure that your look fits the business etiquette to the nature of the meeting.

  1.         Leave time to log in

There are not as many frustrating experiences in the world of virtual conferencing as waiting for latecomers or struggling with technical issues at login, knowing that the call has already started. Therefore, we recommend starting the login process 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting starts, to ensure that all settings are made and you are able to join on time.

  1.         Announce your arrival to the call

Greeting and introduction when you enter a virtual meeting room might sound incredibly basic, but it’s still often overlooked. Don’t assume that everyone knows everyone else in the call, or that other attendees know you’ve “arrived.” A brief introduction with telling your name and – depending on the call – your department or company is not only a polite way of entering the call, but it also notifies other people of your arrival.

  1.         Mute yourself as long as the speaker talks

However it might not seem like it, but there’s a lot of background noise even in the quietest of offices. Therefore, unless you’re speaking, keep yourself on mute.

  1.         Stay still, don’t walk up and down

It can happen that you join a virtual conference with your mobile. Walking up and down with your phone in your hand, and the camera constantly moving, very distracting and tiring to watch for other attendees. Even though you are on the go, stop and stay still for the time of the call.

  1.         Keep eating out of the call

Again, this should be obvious but it’s unfortunately not. Unlike some personal meetings, virtual conferences are not catered. Having a glass of water by your computer is still acceptable, but eating during a virtual meeting is impolite and unprofessional. Conference calls do not tend to be so long that you cannot survive without eating/drinking. Do it before or after the call.

+ 1 Respect others throughout the call

General politeness is essential not only personally but also in virtual discussions. Greeting, introduction, avoiding interruptions or saying good-bye take minimal effort on your part, but still show that you’re polished, respectful and genuinely interested in the call. Do not miss this opportunity to make a good impression.