In order to guarantee the delivery of a safe classroom training, the following requirements shall be checked with the venue of the training.

1.The training room is suitable to place individual desks corresponding to the number of participants, but not more than 12 persons, from a distance of 2 meters among them in all direction, in a classroom layout.

2. The projector screen and the flipchart can be placed at least 4 meters from the first row of seated participants.

3. The room is equipped with air filtering, using non-used air air-conditioning/ventilation system, which can be operated continuously.

4. Coffee breaks can be served by venue personnel in gloves and mask, in individual packages only.

5. Table surfaces, chair armrests, door and window handles are disinfected in every single break by venue personnel.

6. Disinfectant, hand sanitizer and hand wash facility must be provided on the training venue.

7. Restrooms are disinfected before each break.

8. If lunch is served, the venue guarantees that relevant hygienic regulations are met in 100%.



During the emergency declared related to Covid19, trainers and consultants deliver programs requiring personal contact on the basis of a voluntary, responsible commitment.

1.Prior to the program, the trainer declares and agrees that:

  • He has not engaged in personal contact with participants or customers with symptoms of Covid19 or symptoms of upper respiratory diseases (e.g. fever, cough, acute difficulty breathing, etc.) in the last 14 days.
  • He/she has a valid, negative Covid19 test

2. During the program the trainer is not obliged to wear a mask while presenting at the flipchart and the screen, keeping at least 5 meters distance from the closest participants.

3. In case of closer interactions, during exercises, group works, the trainer wears the mask, just like participants.

4. The trainer ensures that during the flow of the program, participants are using only their individual tools and equipment; there are no documents shared, no exchange of tools (markers, pens, etc.)

5. In order to reduce physical contacts, all training documents are sent in digital format.

6. If the training requires printed materials, the vendor prints the training materials (participant workbooks, handouts, etc.), in the following manner:

  • Printing is completed no later than 24 hours before distribution (The virus is viable on paper for 24 hours. Source: New England Journal of Medicine)
  • After printing, Vendor staff will handle the materials in gloves and masks, which will be wrapped, together with a notepad and pen, which protects the outer surfaces of the documents during the trip after printing.

7. The trainer guarantees to exclude all activities and exercises that require using shared materials, tools or documents.

8. The Vendor informs the participants about Covid19 training/workshop health policy at least 3 days before the training/workshop.



As a participant of the training course, I hereby declare that

I am not demonstrating symptoms of Covid-19 or other upper respiratory diseases (e.g. fever, cough, acute difficulty breathing, etc.)

I have not been engaged in personal contact with other people demonstrating symptoms of Covid-19 or other upper respiratory diseases (e.g. fever, cough, acute difficulty breathing, etc.) in the last 14 days.

I commit to bring my own mask(s) to the training venue and agree to wear them at any time the trainer instructs so, especially:

  • In community areas, like restrooms, corridors, lobby areas, etc.
  • During coffee breaks, in social interactions
  • During exercises, group works and activities

I commit to follow the safety norms and instructions provided by the trainer during the entire duration of the learning event.

I commit to bring my own tools (pens, notepads, etc.) and not to exchange them with other participants;

I understand that it is acceptable to bring my own food and drinks for coffee breaks and even for lunch, if I prefer so.

Available download link of the PARTICIPANT DECLARATION is here.