What is Zoom?

Zoom is a perfect tool for online conferences, meetings, where we can have multiple participants in one place. Connection can be made via video, you can share the screen and the content between the participants, so we can work together in a super-efficient way miles apart from each other.

The tools you will need are the following: your computer or your smartphone, broadband internet or mobile net, speaker, microphone and camera (if you have a laptop this part is covered automatically). In most cases invitation arrives via Email or embedded into Calendar invites. Just click on the link and join your meeting in seconds.


First time using Zoom?

If you do not have Zoom application on your computer or smartphone, please download the program before your schedules meeting starts. Therefore you don’t risk missing the start of your meeting with waiting for installation. The only thing you have to do is to join the meeting on time.




Please find the link where you can download Zoom to your computer https://zoom.us/download.











When the downloading is done, the system will automatically start the installation. When the authorization panels pop up, please click on the Agree, Accept, Yes buttons to proceed and run the program.










When you will join the Webinar from the link in your invitation, Zoom will start to run automatically.





* If you would like to use your smartphone or tablet, please download from the Google Play or the App store the ZOOM Cloud meetings application. You should download it even if you would prefer to use your computer – to have a back-up if for some reason, you can use only your smartphone or tablet.


Get ready – Join a meeting





In the scheduled time, please click on the Zoom link in your invitation – this will open the program and will divert you to the login page.











Please click on the „Join a meeting” button and add your name to the pop-up panel.






Choose a name that will be easily recognizable for the other participants and the organizer of the meeting – he/she will be aware who joined already from the invited participants.





In this panel you can choose if you would like to connect with audio or not, video or not to the meeting. If you do not choose any options, you will be in the meeting muted and without video. These settings can be changed during the meeting.









Please make sure, you will check the video and sound settings before joining the webinar.







First, a video screen will pop up – if you see yourself on the screen, it works fine. In the right bottom corner you will see the „Join with video”„Join without video” buttons – choose what you prefer.





Next step is the Ringtone test – if you hear it, please press “Yes”.









Microphone test – please do a short speech – if you hear what you just said press “Yes”












If everything seems fine, you can join the meeting by the “Join with computer audio” button.










You will be placed in a waiting room till the organizer will start the meeting – or you can start to chat with the other participants (this option depends on the organizer’s settings)








When you join a Zoom meeting, you have several options to interact with the trainer and the group.
  • You can mute/unmute yourself
  • Switch your webcam on/off
  • Send visual signals to the trainer
  • Use the chat box
  • Share your screen
  • Record the session for yourself
  • Give quick non-verbal feedback
The trainer will explain them in detail during the session, but in the meantime, start to become familiar with it by the help of the picture.