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    Develor is on the verge of bringing new training and organizational development solutions to Azerbaijan

    Develor Azerbaijan held a long anticipated event in Hyatt Regency on 22-nd of May. Three and a half hour event brought over 40 professionals, including CEOs, HR Directors and Business Development Directors of largest companies and holdings of Azerbaijan. Event started with the business breakfast, where high profile attendants were greeted by Develor Azerbaijan Country Manager Mr. Adil Aliyev and Develor International Global CEO, Mr. Zsolt Pozvai.

    Develor is a leading international training and consulting company with 25 years’ experience in people development. Company’s areas of expertise are leadership, sales and customer experience development, talent management and organizational excellence. Represented by offices in 16 countries and partnerships on 30 countries, Develor focuses on banking&insurance, telecommunications, FMCG, services and retail business industries.

    Develor International’s clear cutting edge approach to people development was presented by Develor International Global CEO. Training landscape and approach to training has been seriously changing and reshaping in the last several decades. It was confirmed by Brinkerhoff study, that training as a separate component of people development, brings very little business results. The study revealed that only 15% of training participants end up applying the skills acquired in the real business context, and up to 85% of the participants fail to implement knowledge. Indeed this is not the most desirable result for any business owner investing in capacity building. Develor International strongly believes that the learning impact path lies through changing mindset of people, behaviors and routines. To arrive at the changes, Develor uses extended learning principles through its very own ‘x-learning’ solutions. While traditional trainings answer to the question HOW TO DO IT, Develor also shows WHY TO CHANGE and WHAT TO DO. Zsolt Pozvai was spotted saying: “You give us your challenge and we give you the solution. The solution which is not only about training your people, but also about switching mindset from fixed to growth, changing people behavior and developing operating model. This all together will bring to the business results.”

    Mr. Pozvai also shared Develor’s experience and success stories. Develor has been a sole partner of Etisalat (UAE), one of the largest telecommunication companies globally, in people development and business excellence for the last 5 years. Develor seriously increased NPS and other KPIs of Etisalat, developed leadership skills and implemented governance models for the company, decreased customer waiting time by half and arrived at decreased churn rate and complaints.

    Another vivid example of Develor’s success is the experience with one of the largest global brands Coca-Cola. Develor lead talent management program for the company and ended up generating over half million USD direct revenue brought by the projects executed by participants as part of the development program. This number is even more impressive if one considers the cost of the program which was less than 5% of the final direct revenue generated. “Now, this is exactly people development approach which business owners want to invest in. Isn’t it?” is a rhetorical question of Mr. Pozvai.

    Another strong case presented was the experience of Develor with one of the leading financial institutions. At the end of the project Develor together with the client compared end results of the sales. “Develor region” outperformed the rest of the network by 87% of new loan contracts. This was possible due to Develor was able to successfully create and implement a leadership operating model, and delivered mindset change workshops and practice-oriented trainings for both managers and sales staff.

    Naturally the audience was seriously represented by former and active Develor clients, which were invited to share their Develor experience with the attendants. Mr. Kamran Abbasov, currently CEO of Sumgayit Technology Park and Mr. Elshan Badirkhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board at Rabita Bank were invited to the stand. In his speech Mr. Kamran Abbasov shared his experience of working with Develor when he was the Sales Director of Holcim Azerbaijan (Garadagh Cement) and the CEO of Synergy Group. Develor ran several leadership development projects with Mr. Kamran Abbasov, delivering strong results, matching and exceeding expectations of both companies.

    “If I ever need high quality people development and business excellence solution, I know where to go – Develor is indeed the vendor I will turn to!”
    Kamran Abbasov, CEO, Sumgayit Technology Park

    Mr. Elshan Badirkhanov also shared his confidence and optimism about cooperation with Develor Azerbaijan. Develor is the sole partner of Rabita Bank in 2017 on client oriented consultative sales development and leadership development. This people development project includes over 150 Rabita Bank employees. Elshan Badirkhanov was extremely pleased with Develor’s devotion to the process and ability to adjust to the client needs.

    “Develor’s flexibility and client tailored approach is worthy of praise. These guys are always ready to change the process in order to match client’s situation and client requests”
    Elshan Badirkhanov, VP, Rabita Bank

    The event went on with Develor Azerbaijan’s senior trainers presenting fundamentals of Sales and Leadership trainings to the audience and Mr. Pozvai asking the audience to once again think what footprints each of the attendants wants to leave in his/her organization. This business event was wrapped up with a fun online competition, where the winner was awarded with a half-day free Mindset change workshop.  Congratulations to PMD Group for taking the prize.

    Develor thanks each and every participant for attendance of the event and hopes this was a start of a new era in people development, talent management and organizational excellence in Azerbaijan.

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