Tackle the RESTART challenges.

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DEVELOR provides training and consultancy to help you and your people navigate change.

The firefighting and forced transition period come to the end in most of Europe. We all are heading to an interim period of restart. It will challenge us a lot before reaching the “new normal”. The way we manage the restart will influence our positions in the age of the new normal, even our survival. We believe especially five key areas will be a challenge of restart and it is crucial to address them.


The scale, speed and complexity of change the organisations in most industries face are as intense as never before. Tactical steps won’t be enough to be prepared for the “new normal”. The corporate vision, and strategy have to be revised and aligned to the changing circumstances, needs of customers and the boosted digital transformation. There is a lot at stake, even the survival, thus conscious and well-structured steps are to be made with the involvement of various stakeholders without delay.


Vision Review Workshop

Reflect the changing market situation – review how the vision stands in current climate.

Strategy Redesign Process

Our senior consultants help you – through workshop and consultancy – to update the strategy so that it still leads to your desired objectives.

Organisational Diagnostics

Get an in-depth analysis of where your organization stands utilising state of the art methodology of Company Network Analysis.

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VUCA was a widely-used buzzword, but overnight it became a painful reality for myriads of managers over the Globe. Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility are those skills-sets according to the VUCA Prime concept, which should be well understood and implemented by various levels of leaders. The changing environment and strategy requires new leadership routines and related competencies, like remote management, empowerment, digital mindset and others. Shall you not prepare your leaders now, it will be difficult to perform well in the new era, where we are heading rapidly. The quality of leaders and the proper implementation of new skills will make the difference bigger than ever.


Adaptive Leadership Course

The ability to think in a number of different ways gives adaptive leaders the advantage in changing times.

VUCA Mindset Course

This gamified training teaches leaders the VUCA Prime and instills the mindset suitable for VUCA reality – adaptive mindset.

Leadership Operational Model Redesign

The “new normal” way of operation requires different competences and mindset, thus revised routines of managers. Our workshop helps to define the most relevant regular activities.

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Most companies shifted their operation to a full or partial home office, and this way of working will stay with us, resulting in a hybrid operation in the mid and long run. Tested and proven communication routines, channels and related skills must be questioned and revised to be able to react to the present situation. Many people are isolated, losing the classical sources of information, and managers don’t know how to handle it. The broken communication badly influences not only the work efficiency and collaboration, but also the engagement of staff.


Communication Analysis & Workshop

With the help of the unique Team Sociomapping analysis we are able to assess the current and ideal way of communication and improve collaboration.

Remote Collaboration & Management Courses

Working in and leading teams that are not in one physical location already is a must-have skill. We teach proven tips how to make it well.

Meetings Structure Revision & Course

We help design a new meeting structure, new meeting types and supporting digital tools that home office and hybrid operation require.

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There are people who – by their nature – see changes as opportunities. They adapt easily and see the future positively. However, this is not the case for everyone. The changing work and economic environment, the new behaviour norms, financial and working conditions or the changed expectations may result in uncertainty, mistrust, or dissatisfaction in many. If left unnoticed and untreated, these can result in a decrease in engagement and even the loss of valuable team members. However, with proper attention and specific leadership motivation tools, these situations can be prevented or reversed.


Engagement & Satisfaction Surveys

Using larger Engagement Survey or focused Happy at Work Pulse check we figure the status quo and facilitate solutions.

Employee Journey Mapping

Through series of workshops and consultancy we help you (re)design the experience you want your employees have to retain high engagement.

Engaging Leader Course

Increase the awareness of all leadership level of their importance, power and responsibility in creating the engaging environment.

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The continuing presence of COVID-19 danger rewrites our ideas about safety at work.. Beyond the prevention of physical accidents at work, the concept of a safety and health-conscious culture has to be extended by the protection against infectious diseases. In addition to the human factor, also for economic interests. Because massive absences due to infection can cause serious problems in the operation of the company. Superficial knowledge or ad hoc adherence to the rules and protocols can be a greater danger than ever before. In addition to accurate knowledge transfer, the development of the right attitude and a new set of values based on mutual responsibility is also essential.


Creation of COVID-safety Protocols

Utilising or experience in the most safety demanding industries – aviation, energy and construction – we lead workshops and consult you to redefine the HSE standards to fit the new needs.

COVID-safety Awareness Course

All-staff training to learn updated safety and health protocols & form the attitude of mutual responsibility.

COVID-Safety Awareness Course One-pager

Leadership for COVID-Safety Course

Leaders learn management aspects of building and strengthening a safe and secure corporate culture at the workplace.

Leadership for COVID-Safety Course One-pager

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As a global company with the local presence we have been helping our clients with their challenges for over 27 years.


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Tackle the RESTART challenges.

Book a 15 minutes introduction call with our consultant and find out the options at your disposal.


DEVELOR provides training and consultancy to help you and your people navigate change.