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    May 24, 2023
    13:00 - 14:30 CET


    Online - ZOOM webinar

    For whom

    HR and business leaders

    This webinar already happened. Scroll down to download resources or watch the recording on YouTube channel.

    Let’s explore the game-based learning, gamified practices and other modern approaches to learning engagement and learning design. How do they impact participants experience? Do they deliver on the promise? Where does it make sense to use them and where not?

    Get inspired

    Hundreds of leaders are dealing with same challenges as you. Why not tap into their knowledge?

    Why come?

    • Get an understanding of the role and limitations of gamification and game-based learning in modern learning journey
    • Gain deeper understanding of various tools available 
    • Hear from HR representatives about how they capitalise on the opportunities or mitigate risks in employee learning.
    • Get practical insights into how we shape training programs to achieve engagement and learning impact

    You will meet DEVELOR experts

    Bartek Wrzosek

    Managing Director, DEVELOR Poland Bartek is known for his passion for the gamified trainings, a well-known courseware and game designer (software-based simulations, training games and competency assessment tools).


    Martin Kunc

    Managing Director
    DEVELOR Czech & Slovakia

    Martin is an experience trainer and innovator in the area of game-based and story-driven learning. He will host the event and also share insights about story-based training in the breakout room.

    Reka Greff

    Head of Learning Experience
    DEVELOR International

    Réka is an expert on designing and managing an impactful learning experience. She will share about gamification in learning during the small group discussion time.

    Client interview

    Hana Kamenista

    Account Executive and Employee Development Program Team Leader
    DXC Technology Slovakia

    Hana was part of the working team that (re)ignited learning culture at DXC in Slovakia and with that they brought also game-based programs into the organization. With their Employee Development Program, they have received praise internally and also were recognized among other companies for their innovative approach to learning. She sahred  how they perceive the value of game-based programs in the overall context of employee learning.

    Program of the event

    • Opening and welcome of the guests by the host
    • Games and Learning – The truth and the myths – keynote presentation by Bartek Wrzosek
    • Discussion: three guests in the panel  discuss the impact of the methods on corporate learning
    • Conclusion and connection to designing an effective learning journey
    • What works – DEVELOR experts present our tested programs and solutions in gamification & game-based arena and answer questions in smaller groups.

    Join the international community

    There’s no barrier to join. Come, listen and ask your question. We are looking forward to having you. 

    Logistics of the event

    Free of charge

    The webinar is free of charge for HR professionals and people managers. For consultants and trainers, please inquire about attendance.

    How to connect?

    We run webinars via ZOOM platform. You will receive a notification to your calendar with the link to connect, as well as other connection details. 

    What if I cannot attend?

    Nevermind. Just get in touch with us and we can summarize the content for you. Or watch out for the recording on our social media.

    About DEVELOR

    International consulting and training company that helps businesses improve their efficiency by developing the potential of their employees and teams.

    We have been effectively implementing educational projects in 16 countries of the EMEA region for 30 years now.

    The company’s specialization is complex consulting and training solutions that influence the change of staff behavior and increase business indicators.

    We grow individuals and teams at work.

    What is RE/Think HR

    RE/Think HR is an international webinar series organized by us – DEVELOR – to connect, inspire and engage international community of HR leaders and managers in important topics.

    We are running this webinar series since 2020 to engage, inspire and connect the international community of HR leaders and managers. 

    • Elevent successful events
    • An average of 120 registrants from 16 countries
    • 75% participants come 3+ times

    We are sorry you missed this webinar!

    This event already happened. Download the materials above, watch the recording on our YouTube channel or get in touch with us for deep dive.