Santiago Ruiz Campos

Santiago Ruiz Campos photoMy expertise in training and consulting has been developed in an extended experience as a trainer and consultant for world class Pharmaceutical Companies throughout Europe, helped out by my infrequent skills with languages and a large professional background as communicator/speaker, creative director/consultant and manager in the Entertainment business, which enables me to connect and understand my customers‘ needs and deliver accurate and adapted solutions. My field of expertise includes communication, leadership, motivation, behavioural and relational domains, teamwork building and professional coaching.




Professional Experience

Leadership BPPC France, Takeda, BMS (Spain, Scandinavia, Ireland, Portugal, France, Greece and Romania)
Sales Astra Zeneca, BMS, Novartis, Gilead, Nycomed
Conflicts resolution BMS Spain
Motivational speeches BMS Portugal
Management workshops Astra Zeneca, BMS, Takeda, BPPC



2013 –                                  Develor International, Consultant, Trainer, Coach

2011 – 2012                        CRECI Consultants Sudest, Consultant, Trainer, Coach

2008 – 2011                       Free Lancer Privat Coaching, Coach, Consultatn, Personal Trainer

2001 – 2010                       Santiago Ruiz Creative Events, Project Director, Marketing Shows Director, Consultant

1999-2001                           UNIVERSAL STUDIOS PORT AVENTURA, Creative Manager, Show Manager

1992-1998                           THE WALT DISNEY Co., Spain, Costume characters coordinator


Performing Arts                                               RESAD High School fo Drat, Madrid, Spain


Language Skills

Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Greek