Velence in Hungary became a hub of knowledge for three days

Forty-two DEVELORians turned the area of spa town Velence in Hungary into an epicenter of learning and development during three days of annual DEVELOR conference Train The Trainer (January 9-11, 2019).

More than a training

We call these learning events Train The Trainer. It is a legacy name and though it fulfills its’ purpose, it does not cover all the amount of value it actually brings our network and our clients. Firstly, for a long time, we moved from training into more complex consulting jobs as well. Secondly, as our international training and consulting company is spread over 16 countries, the purpose of the meeting is also to bond and strengthen the network as a whole.

Topics that matter to us and clients

Three groups of the participating DEVELORians coming had a very intense learning program in front of them. The list of topics covered was extensive. We focused on the learning programmes which are innovative and most sought-after: Impact & InfluencingEngaging LeaderImpact LeadershipGrowth Mindset Workshop, Trust-based Relationship Building, Critical Conversations, Leadership Courage. As well we dove into the DEVELOR Value Chain our unique methodology that drives the measurable results of learning and development.

Martina Georgievova, our senior trainer and consultant distilled the event in a short LinkedIn post:

LinkedIn Post of Martina Georgievova