We spoke at 3rd HR Conference in Georgia

On May 16, 2018 Zsolt Pozvai joined Giorgi Kakulia, Managing Partner of DEVELOR Georgia, to attend and speak to the participants of The III. HR Conference in Tbilisi, organized by Georgian HR Association. The motto of the conference was “The Age of Technology and HR.” You can download the conference information booklet here.

Among other speakers, the two DEVELORians addressed over 80 attending HR professionals on the major topic of diagnostic tools as part of the change management and development programmes. We are glad, that our two representatives were received very well and that their talks were considered among the most interesting.

What does Zsolt think about the conference and our presence there:

“The fact that Caucasus region and Middle-Asia are amongst the fastest growing regions in the world make our offices in Georgia and Azerbaijan year-by-year more important. In these countries, we reached a steep growth in the last years due to the fast development and the increasing need for people development services. The decision makers of top companies resonate well to our approach.

Sustainable change of behaviour and leadership routines and measurable development of organizations are in the front-line.
I value the positive reaction of the participants to our presentations. I see, that there is a huge need for our diagnostic services, such as Team Sociomapping, CX-Ray (n.b.: organizational network analysis) or Insights Discovery typology.
I’m glad, that we bring all these innovative tools and connected consultancy and training options to the region. And I can say they have already gotten among the most requested services.”

We are an international company with delivery capabilities in over 30 countries. It’s our belief, that the strong local presence makes us also a good international partner. Therefore we are grateful for the chance to attend the Georgian conference.
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