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    Zoltan Szabo, our trainer, consultant and coach in Slovak team had an opportunity to utilise the new diagnostics tool – CX-Ray.


    To improve the efficiency of the company process – this can be done intuitively or with an insight. We have chosen the latter. Over the past 20 years of my practice, I have been able to test various diagnostic tools as a consultant and psychologist: 360-degree feedbacks, assessment and development centres, or the visually attractive sociomapping.  Should I summarize the added value of CX-Ray tool in of two points, it would be its complexity and instant usability of the results. Something truly resembling an X-ray.

    What challenges did we face?

    Why had the CEO and the HR director been not afraid to look at the reality using CX-Ray? They probably were courageous. But they also had something else – a clearly stated need. They needed to manage changes, increase engagement and decrease fluctuation rate.

    Change management

    They started as a family business, since the beginning of the year they have been going through a challenging period of strategic changes. A huge part of their service portfolio is being changed. Thus, the company needs to be strong and have effective processes and HR management methods in place.

    Employee engagement

    Engaged employee to client approach is imperative, as the sales is really relationship based. The service needs to be delivered with a smile on one’s face and in one’s heart to a client.  The client comes because of a high personal value and therefore critically perceives the approach of an employee to his/her “business”. If s/he does not like it, s/he approaches the competition.


    Similar to others, our courageous CEO and the HR director need to manage the lack of adequately qualified employees on the market and need to retain the employees. Unfortunately, this leads to ever decreasing criteria to real starting-point competencies of an employee. A new employee only rarely has sufficient know-how.  Learning on the go is fine, but the client cannot feel they did not receive the best possible service. Not mentioning the fact the performance of an employee does not meet their idea about the entry-level salary.

    Putting two and two together: the company needs people who know what they are doing, they do it with heart and on top of that they do not lose their enthusiasm despite ongoing changes in the company. The company needs to manage the ever-present threat of burn-out of the employees and their potential resignation. The current rate of fluctuation is non-acceptable already.

    What did we discover thanks to CX-Ray?

    In relation to the above mentioned problematic areas, using the tool and method provided us with the following insights:

    Communication and cooperation within the company are not optimal.

    In the X-rayed company we could identify the deadlock points. It was interesting to find out, how and by whom was replaced the missing communication between departments. The department substituting the communication function had often been overloaded. The biggest eye-opener and the change driver was when the CEO had realized his micro-management and the company was joined by a new COO. As a result, the CEO has been able to change his focus from operative tasks to strategic goals.

    We identified the key employees, whose resignation would cause the biggest pain.

    The CX-Ray also showed us, which employees may be lost by the company due to their work overload. We identified the riskiest communication channels, that would suffer if they had resigned, and arranged for some counter-measures, e.g. the units had been linked by another employee.

    We found the management pipeline

    If someone important leaves despite all efforts, it is easiest to replace them internally. In my experience, it is important not to lose a competent expert for the price of gaining an incompetent manager. The CX-Ray provided us with the answer, which employees have the potential to replace the management positions and which ones should further operate as experts.

    We identified several opinion leaders

    As stated above, the company goes through a change.  To manage it successfully we identified those employees forming the opinions of the majority and also those who are the information sources and others turn to them if they want to know more.  If the company will be able to motivate them and use their influence to form attitudes of others towards the change, they cannot only be passive ambassadors but also active champions of change. Of course, there are people in the company who may remain resistant. The CX-Ray showed us who they were.

    And suitable mentors

    For a better onboarding process of the brand new employees, we were able to identify the suitable mentors, who can spend time with them so that they do not lose their initial enthusiasm in the new job.  Here it was interesting to find out that the new employees were signalling requests for help to particular people. One of the valuable findings was, that none of the seven senior employees had recognized these signals.

    Specific, complex and (dangerously) sharp picture

    To sum it up, thanks to CX-Ray we gained a truly specific insight into how to possibly optimize the flow of work and information processes. We gained tangible inputs for change management and we designed the steps essential to manage human resources more efficiently. In my opinion, the uniqueness of CX-Ray lays in the scope it covers and the tangibility of results. No blurry picture, only dangerous sharpness. Saying this, one needs to watch out for this, since the power (of information) comes hand in hand with responsibility.

    This article was prepared by Zoltan Szabo, trainer and consultant of DEVELOR. The client agreed on publishing of the content without the specificity of company name.
    For more information on DEVELOR’s diagnostics services click here or contact our colleagues in your country.

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