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    Coaching with our approach is fostering a professional role and it is hands-on development work, whose objective is to promote and maintain development in the professional role. It focuses on clarifying and reinforcing roles and developing the competences needed for these roles. It prepares the coaching partner for assignments and stages of learning. Coaching can be an independent process or a method supporting the follow-up and implementation of any training course with dramatic effectiveness and long-lasting effect. Whereas during training courses the focus from a participant’s point of view is on getting knowledge and acquiring new competencies via a transfer from the trainer to the group, when it comes to coaching (using the independent process) the quality and success of the process depends in the first place on the motivation and readiness of the coachee to work deeply on the issue(s) they raised, and on what they “bring to the table”.

    The coach’s work is to help the coachees raise their level of awareness about the contemplated problems, help them look at situations from new, different perspectives and through a tailor-made process professionally lead by powerful questioning and active listening, the coachees will discover their inner resources to come up with the right solutions to the specific problem.

    We prepare a plan for the coaching methods and activities ahead; however, the final setup is in most cases fine tuned on the spot following the actual state, energy and motivation level of the coachee. Our most common methods in individual coaching are the following:

    Grow Coaching model

    We suggest following a classical GROW model as a main framework, meaning through the whole process and during the sessions: setting the GOAL(S), reflecting on the current REALITY, exploring the OPTIONS they can work out and eventual obstacles, and WRAP-UP the actions they commit to. This is a simple and yet very effective and powerful process to reach the desired outcome.

    Solution-focused coaching

    For short and few interventions setups, and provided that we can work with coachees to bring real and meaningful issues and concrete cases to the session, this approach can be relevant and effective as it seeks to reach a “maximum effect with minimum effort”.

    Attitude forming theory module

    Coaching sessions usually don’t include theoretical elements, although they can often serve good purposes; to establish a healthier attitude that boosts development. The aim is not to tell the individual what to do, but to open his/her mind to the fact of how important and influencing his mind-set can be, and what he can do to develop a Growth mind-set and thus develop his adaptability skills in all situations. This will be the basic paradigm when we explore alternative solutions.

    Structured brainstorming

    The coach’s task is to support the individual in finding many different alternative solutions by leading a brainstorming session with structured questions. Usually it starts with listing the more common ideas and then also exploring more options that at first might seem unreasonable, but can trigger further ideas. The aim of this stage is to ensure a wide range of options to choose from. Then the coach helps the individual to evaluate the gathered ideas.

    Action plan

    We encourage the participants to create a very concrete SMART – specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound – plan on how they will implement the intended solution. This creates commitment and drives their related actions in a structured and conscious way. We always support it with highlighting the benefits it will bring to the individual to keep his engagement and energy level high.

    Most of our coaching sessions are built on some individual diagnostics, like 360º assessment, Development Centre results, Insights® Discovery Personal Report or other competency tests.

    Coach applicants to Develor go through a purpose-built, standardized and multi-stage selection process that is based on coaching and implementation support coaching. The potential experts – from whom we select those coaches who best suit the requirements for the given UNHCR project – participate in the basic induction training as the first part of the 6-month induction programme. Induction training is still part of the selection process. On successfully passing the complex certification exam, the candidate is offered an exclusive long-term assignment with Develor. Develor professionals are only allowed to deliver any programme or coaching for local and global clients once they comply with pre-defined delivery and quality standards, expected timing and standard documentation.

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