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    Target group

    • Any team who wants to develop their collaboration and team spirit, or just have some fun together online

    How many people?

    5-150 people in small groups (up to 6)

    How long will it take?

    1,5 - 4 hours

    • Virtual Training

    An engaging, game-based teambuilding program, fully delivered online, can make a major contribution to strengthening cooperation and team cohesion. This is what DEVELOR’s online team building programs are all about.

    Online teambuilding programs

    Course objectives

    • participation in dynamic online activities strengthens team spirit, enhances collaboration and boosts positive energy
    • engaging storylines create a playful learning experience
    • challenges of various forms and difficulty levels stimulate creativity and problem-solving
    • striving to achieve a common goal supports team cohesion and collaboration
    • debriefing discussions support the implementation of the lessons learnt into daily practice
    • the common fun experience establishes and deepens relationships that help team members relate and integrate easier

    Each of our teambuilding events is run by professional trainers. In addition to great fun, we focus on building effective online collaboration of remote or hybrid teams. Each team learns the principles of a retrospective meeting used in agile methodology, and adapt the learnings of the game to their daily operation. Participants finish the event in a great mood, equipped with new tools and routines to support their remote collaboration.

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