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    Various groups within whole organizations

    How long will it take?

    0,5 - 2 years

    Talent Management
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    To address this challenge, we developed our Talent Management program to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees in a way that is aligned with the company’s culture, values and business strategy. The program success is highly influenced by the contribution and involvement of direct superiors.

    In most cases – but not necessarily – we support the company set up a criteria-set and a sophisticated process to identify those employees, or potential employees who may play critical role in the achievement of the business plans. After defining and selecting the talent pool, the talents’ knowledge and skills will be reviewed and assessed. This enables us to create a company-specific, impactful and efficient development plan for each and every selected talents or high-performers.

    Talent management program

    This fully customized development journey – aligned with the career path as well – provides the talents with the opportunity to grow and develop their professional competences that are necessary to take a future leadership position or professional career in the organization.

    A well-designed development path follows the principles of our extended learning concept and includes various blended learning events and activities. The high variety of methods and tools might contribute to high learner experience and thus to a sustainable change of mindset and behavior of all talents involved. Between the online or classroom training events they get individual or pair tasks to practice the lessons learnt to support the implementation of skills.

    Talents explore and elaborate the training topics with the help of extra tasks to have a deep understanding and better application. In most of our programs talents are expected to work in small project teams where they can try and test the various techniques as well as learn and improve collaboration.

    The progress of the participants will be continuously measured and aligned with their development goals and the company’s business needs ensuring strong potential for growth of both the individuals and the organization. The projects the talents work on create real business value as an add-on of our programs with high return on investment.

    The entire program takes minimum half and ideally 1-2 years Talents participate in learning events every month, or in case of classroom-only programs every second month Direct superiors are intensively involved and professional mentors can be involved as well – that requires significant time spent with their subordinate or mentee during the project.

    There is a special emphasis on the retention and engagement of the talent during the program, we grow them for the current employer not a future one. Expectation management is crucially important to avoid raising the expectations of the selected colleagues towards the company. We gain and maintain commitment to growth and to the related extra efforts talents have to make during the months of the program.

    There is a colorful set of methods, tools and activities used to reach outstanding learner experience and thus impact on the current competencies. As learning is not event(s) but a journey, the in-between-courses activities and tasks have a critical role in the expected change and growth. Talents work individually, in pairs and in project teams, creating real value by their “home works”. The development is measured by a sophisticated dashboard, the value created by talent projects is an extra value of our programs and a high return on invetsment.

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