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    Target group

    • Entire organization is in the scope
    • HR department as the driver of the initiative
    • Project team to work with closely
    • Change Ambassadors to support the process and the needed change

    How many people?

    Various groups within whole organizations

    How long will it take?

    1 - 6 month

    Employee engagement is a heightened and measurable emotional commitment that employees and managers feel for their organization. That influences them to exert greater discretionary effort in their work to achieve organizational goals and success. There is only 15% of employees globally who are engaged. Engaged employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. They drive innovation and move the organization forward. They are advocates for the business and intend to stay.

    The main goal of an Employee Engagement Development project is to increase the current level of engagement and retention by moving people from disengaged state to engaged or highly engaged positions, while sustaining the ones who have the strong emotional connection.

    Reaching this goal requires a conscious process, proper steps of planning and disciplined execution. DEVELOR is a partner support the entire project from assessment to the implementation of changes. Project vary case by case in line with the specific needs and circumstances of the organization.

    Employee engagement development

    To know where to go we need to know where we are. The starting point is an engagement survey which provides the management an objective and comprehensive view of the current state. Based on the identified weaknesses and missing engagement drivers we can plan the improvement process.

    During the program we can use various methods from focus groups, interviews, workshops to employee journey mapping and the methods of implementation support of those actions which are agreed on. As framework concept we use the MAGIC and SCARF models.

    The final result will depend on the level of implementation:

    • The processes are not only to include the usual detailed steps but also the critical behaviours to follow that ensure the desired outcome. As it is up to the direct managers to create an environment that nurtures engagement, first of all we need to support them.
    • In our solution we collect and identify those regular behaviours and activities in a framework called Governance model to help the managers to actually and measurably create an environment that nurtures engagement.
    • The sustainability of behaviour change is ensured by the elaborated Employee Engagement Maintenance System on both managerial and employee level.

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