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    Gábor Stremeny

    Business Development Director, Master Trainer

    Gábor has worked in various management positions since 1998. He has extensive experience in creating new organizations and improving the efficiency of existing ones. He specialises in designing and managing complex development programmes. Because of his direct, pragmatic and honest style, he is able to stimulate collaboration and change in senior management teams and to get management to act as drivers of change.

    During his career as a trainer, he has designed and delivered over 1000 training programmes, with expertise in most industries. She is a frequent speaker at professional (HR, sales and leadership) conferences and a successful facilitator of numerous large-scale workshops and mindset change programmes.


    • Employee experience development
    • Customer Experience Development
    • Leadership programmes
    • Strategic planning
    • HR Consulting
    • Problem-solving workshops
    • Large-scale attitude-shaping programmes
    • Change management programmes
    • Sales strategy planning
    • Sales process design
    • Sales team development


    OTP, CIB, Wrigley, Dreher, British American Tobacco, OBI, Eventrend, Saint Gobain, Mortoff, IT Weare, Continental, Linde, Syngenta, Wellis, Richter, Egis, Hungaropharma, Phoenix Pharma, Bayer, Borgwarner, Autoliv, MOL, Shell, Bige Holding, Scitec Nutrition, Vodafone, Telenor, Savencia Fromage, AXA, Egon

    Professional experience

    2008 -Develor Hungary - Business Development Director, Senior Trainer
    2003 - 2008Develor Hungary - trainer
    2002 - 2003Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. - Wholesale Product Distribution Manager
    1996 - 2002Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. - Wholesale Manager
    1994 - 1996Philip Morris Hungary Ltd. - regional representative