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    When thinking about a 360 Degree Feedback or any other HR tool, being appealing is probably the last word that comes to our mind. However, with the digital technology available today, we are not far from the reality of offering solutions that are appealing in terms of content, features and visuals at the same time.

    The Era of Modern People Diagnostics Is Here

    Similarly to the learning habits, expectations regarding various HR diagnostic and measurement tools have changed in recent years, too. 

    A modern diagnostic tool – in addition to providing the desired information – should be easy to use, online, visually appealing and mobile friendly. It must have proper data security credentials and technical support. Instead of offering standard, off-the-shelf solutions, it should be tailored to the company and the target group. All this in a cost-effective way.

    Meeting these expectations is not an easy challenge for HR and service providers, as we are talking about the need for an improved user experience here. If we consider the fact that a 360 Degree Feedback process – including evaluees and evaluators – can involve more than 100 employees, participation rate and the success of the process largely depends on the experience associated with the tool. 

    In our experience, these high expectations can hardly be met if multiple tools or different service providers are used within the same process. Not to mention the possibility for errors or the violation of sensitive personal information during the process.

    360 Degree Feedback Reworked for Modern User Experience

    In order to meet these demanding expectations, DEVELOR developed its own integrated 360 Degree Feedback System. In addition to the new, fresh visual image, it also embodies our 15 years of experience with delivering 360 Degree Feedback projects for our clients.

    Tailored: Assess What Is Relevant for the Company and the Person

    One of our most important principles is tailoring. We do not believe in off-the-shelf solutions when it comes to diagnostics. This is why we always tailor our questionnaires to the needs of the client. What we do believe in, is co-creation – instead of extensive email correspondence, we strive for speed and convenience when we get our materials reviewed and approved by HR partners. All within one integrated system.

    Easy to Use: Integrate Everything Into One Tool

    Our custom-built system can not only handle questionnaire creation but also all participant communication and progress reporting can be managed easily from the system. The new user interface provides easy navigation and quick and comfortable questionnaire completion for participants. The visualization of results provides excellent support for interpretation and further processing. 

    Properly Interpreted: Support the Process with Professional Consultants

    However, no matter how customised or modern the system or the reports are, they are only tools. A set of information that, without proper interpretation and processing, can lead to misunderstandings and even damage. With the help of our experienced consultants, however, it becomes a modern and appealing tool for growth.

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