Talent Management Program

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Talents – who are productive, high performer employees with high potential – are the future of all organizations. It is vitally important to keep them at the organization and essential and worthwhile to develop them. To address this challenge, we developed our Talent Management program to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees in a way that is aligned with the company’s business plans.



DEVELOR TALENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM is the most future-oriented part of the Develor Talent Springboard Solution that together with its two other  program  elements  –  Strategic Job Families and Key Employees Retention programs – aims to ensure Human Resource readiness for growth at companies.

The Develor Talent Management Program is aimed to identify those employees, or potential employees who may play critical role in the achievement of the strategic business plan.

After defining and selecting the talent pool of the company based on a set criteria, the talents’ knowledge and skills will be reviewed and measured so that a relevant and effective development plan can be worked out for them. This customized development path that is accompanied by a carrier plan as well, provides the talents with the opportunity to grow and develop their professional competences that are necessary to take a future leading position in the organization.

Their progress will be continuously measured and made aligned with their development and the company’s business needs ensuring strong potential for growth of both the individuals and the company.

Results by the end of the project:

  • High performers with high potential identified.
  • Conscious individual development
  • Key players for business growth are there with right skills, attitude and values
  • Increases workforce loyalty towards the company.

Potential follow-up courses:

  • Complex development of the talents
  • Key Employee Retention Program
  • Strategic Job Families Program